Ten Years at Verimatrix

Scaling A Startup To Becoming A Global Leader

Today is my 10-year anniversary of working at Verimatrix.

When I first started in 2005, the company was a fledgling little software startup in a tiny, cramped office on Lusk Blvd. in San Diego. I was employee #15, and we had maybe 5 customers at the time. The company had just received its Series A funding from Siemens Ventures, and was starting to ramp up hiring and development. I was hired as Director of Customer Services and charged to develop a team to provide 24/7/365 global support. We only had a single product, and it was very experimental as we (and many others in the industry) were all trying to figure out what this “IPTV thing” was going to be and how we could win as much business as possible. Our President and Head Of Sales has often said, “Back then, we used to pop the champagne corks if we got a purchase order for $10,000.”

Its not always been a smooth and easy ride. There were times where we barely scraped by each month, and where one of the founders had to write checks from his personal checking account to make sure people got paid. During the global recession of 2008–2009, like many companies, we had to do a couple rounds of layoffs and the “survivors” had to take significant pay cuts and take furlough days. We have suffered every growing pain imaginable, and had to become experts in the “do more with less” mentality, but managed to survive and thrive when others went extinct. But we never lost focus of what got us to where we are: a “can-do” attitude, and willingness to do whatever it takes to help our customers.

Today, we’ve grown beyond a startup to over 250 employees worldwide, and are now seen an established industry leader in content security, protecting premium movies and television on over 75 million consumer devices for nearly 825 major telecom operators in 120+ countries. We’ve grown from having a single IPTV product that we sold to telephone companies, to having three product lines that allowed us to grow to sell into cable, satellite, terrestrial broadcast and Internet TV companies as well, and getting ready to launch our 4th product by year-end. We’re now in our 3rd building, and I’m about to move into a new office yet again (my 6th office in 10 years) to accommodate for our continuing growth.

For me personally, I am grateful for the opportunities and the trust the company has put in me, allowing me to grow my career from Director of Customer Services to Director of Professional Services to Senior Director of Global Operations to VP of Global Operations, responsible for every dollar of revenue that our company earns. I’ve been able to travel all over the world, publish a patent, and grow and lead a department of extremely hardworking and dedicated employees that by the end of the year will exceed 50 people in 12 countries.

I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to build and achieve in these last 10 years as a team, and I’m even more excited to see what the next years bring as well.

Verimatrix Headquarters, San Diego, California
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