I learned to code, build a web app and launch it on Product Hunt in 2 months
Andrey Azimov

This is a fantastic start on a lifetime journey.

I love hearing stories like this and seeing the drive makes the dream come true.

I think you would benefit a lot from learning JavaScript so don’t write it off just yet.

Be sure the language you are using for the task is appropriate for the goal. PHP is an easy language to get in to, but so is JavaScript if you rethink some of the conventions you used in writing this app:

  • DO check out tutorials
  • DO read the documentation
  • TAKE online courses — especially the many, many free ones.
  • TAKE advantage of the many resources that are actually both documentation AND tutorial (like MDN)
  • DON’T sell yourself short by ignoring resources. The most important part of coding and programming is understanding WHY your code does what it does which allows you to understand how to achieve what you want to achieve.

I spent the better part of a year searching for good learning resources for JavaScript before finally realizing that most of what is out there is either opinion or requires context to even understand.

Start with the goal — what do you want to build? Has anyone done something similar with different data? What did they choose to achieve this goal and why? Look for similar solutions done in different ways and find what they have in common.

It’s amazing to see someone go from knowing almost nothing to production.

I congratulate you on your achievement and journey and hope you continue on this amazing path.