Career more important than love?

Benita Abraham is getting a lot of buzz for her photos she had done of her with her job acceptance letter she got for her dream job.

She found her soulmate of a company and got a friend to do a photoshoot to record her new status just like an engagement shoot except instead of her mate it’s the job offer letter.

Benita Abraham said yes to job offer

Why did this go viral?

Why is celebrating your job position unusual?

For Miss Abraham and many others, their careers are very important. It defines us.

And I think people are picky about what they do. Taking on a job has to have meaning. Doing something great that means something.

It is as important as who you fall in love with.

When at a party and you meet someone for the first time the very first question is almost “So, what do you do?”. Almost never, are you married?

And it’s one of the major achievements you have in life.

So, I think Miss Abraham doing a photoshoot is totally appropriate.

And I hope it encourages more people to celebrate their business careers more. May we all celebrate our major moments in life.

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