Privacy for Twitter

Privacy is something that everybody needs. Every social networking platform has privacy settings that enable you to control who can see what you do and who cannot see what you do. It also allows you to control how much you want to put yourself out there in the digital world and how much you want to contain yourself to your private self. We are going to look at Twitter and what they allow us to do in their privacy settings and what these settings do for your privacy.

In order to access and view these settings in twitter, you would have to click your profile icon and you will see an option called “Settings and privacy”. Upon clicking this, on your left hand side, you will click “Privacy and safety” and this will show all your privacy settings that you can enable and disable to your liking. (This is using Twitter on a PC and not on mobile, Twitter’s mobile interface may be a bit different)

The Twits

Twitter Privacy Settings

Do you like tweeting a lot but only want your friends to view what you post? No problem! Just check the tick box for “Protect your Tweets” and this will make it so that only those that you follow will be able to see your tweets. You can also enable or disable the option for your location to be posted based on where you send out a tweet.

Twitter also understands that in today’s world, people are sensitive to viewing certain images, videos or tweets that can offend the user. Twitter has settings that enable you to have the ability to hide sensitive content from showing your search results. This allows you to have a better viewing experience when using Twitter and not having to worry about viewing something that is inappropriate or offensive to you. You can also personalize the type of ads and tweets that you can see by toggling the type of data that you want Twitter to use and not use.

Importance of Privacy Settings

When you sign up for a brand new social network, it is very important that you take a look at the privacy and settings of your account so that you can have the best user experience possible when using the network. By doing so, you will know that you can be protected from strangers/lurkers and you can make sure that whatever you post or share online is viewed only to the intended audience that you want seeing your personal things rather then showing the whole world.

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