Don’t scroll without typing ‘Amen’: The problem in today’s “Christians”

As I scroll my mouse, looking onto my Facebook feeds, I started to see a trend among my friends sharing verses, photos, quotes and sayings about all things Christianity. It is indeed heartwarming but at the same time alarming, just because I am well aware of how they live.

I am not really a person of memorization. Since my school days, I suck at remembering terms word per word. Most of the time, just to pass an exam full of “match words by definition” and “fill in the blanks”, I would have to force my self to create acronyms or sing the definition of words in the tune of nursery rhymes. You get my point, and in case you are wondering how I passed the old days, I have no idea.

Yes, I am more of a “logical” person. You know, those kind of persons who “learn/know by heart”. For me, it is better to understand how things works than to memorise it word per word. I am better in “in your own words, define..”.

So where am I getting at, you asked? Well, in our digital age where everybody “knows” everything, it is easy for a Christian to state that he/she is somewhat “faithful” or, let’s say, “religious” by just “sharing” a pre-made images, or posting a selfie while quoting a verse. We are starting to become a somewhat “showman” Christian. We want to show that we are a faithful follower, a “disciple” per se, by talking smart, quoting verses we just memorised. We show the world, that we are knowledgable, that we know the Bible, that we understand it, sitting in our throne as if we are scholars. I love how Philip Yancey define Christians as mini theologians, where each and everyone have theories about God. We know what’s good, we know what’s right and yet we don’t actually do it. That is the problem.

Seriously, James spoke about not everybody should be teachers as they would be judged with greater strictness (3:1). In the next chapter, he then states that whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin (4:17). And indeed, with over thousands of those trying to work hard to win a “disciple” whose everybody is a target convert or those who want to somehow maintain a “cell” to show that they are a knowledgable leader while aiming to reach a certain number of tribe, these are indeed harsh words.

Bottomline is James 3:13:

“Who is wise and understanding among you? By his good conduct let him show his works in the meekness of wisdom.”

Enough said.

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