Crazy about Lemonade or Just Crazy?

There have always been people, call them passionate or pure nuts, who have expressed their emotions in big ways. I’m thinking of the young men who’ve proposed through billboard signs or flash mobs. We’re usually amused by these antics and secretly grateful our own life moments didn’t end up written in 5-foot letters along the highway. Still, no harm done.

But, more and more, we’re seeing passion pour out in ways that are disturbing, destructive and flat-out weird. Beyoncé’s release of Lemonade seems to be a lightning rod for over-the-top acting out. It’s not her fault. She made a deeply engaging piece of art. Unfortunately, a lot of people think they are her personal protection squad. Not cool, people. Not cool.

So to help you figure out if your response to Lemonade or other world events is appropriate or crazy, here’s a handy-dandy checklist. Review it before you post your next celebrity tweet or blog screed.

You watched Lemonade and…

  1. Were struck by the beauty and depth of this moving piece of art, plus you just really like the music.

2. You sent hate emails to Rachel Ray and Rachel Roy to cover all bases.

If you answered #2, you’ve jumped on the crazy train. Leave any potential “Beckys” alone. You’re just being a bully and no one likes that!

You watched Lemonade and…

1. Felt compelled to publicly chastise Beyoncé for sharing her story and the stories of other black women.

2. You are now paying greater attention to the people around you and their individual stories.

If you answered #2, good on you. Everyone has a unique story and what a gift it is to listen and connect in a deeper way with those in your life. If you answered #1, you’re probably Piers Morgan or Rush Limbaugh and, quite frankly, you’re both conductors on the crazy train.

You don’t have to like all art in the world, but trying to fault someone’s experience and their right to share it just really stinks, guys. If you don’t like Lemonade, go back to your tea party.

If you watched Lemonade and…

1. Wrote or said anything, anywhere about Beyoncé and Jay-Z being part of the Illuminati.

2. You are looking for nuance and innuendo in every mention of lemons.

3. You really want that lemon bikini Rita Ora was wearing.

Coveting a really cool bikini modeled by a celebrity, with probably nothing to do with this situation, is normal. Looking for lemon conspiracy theories is not. Not everyone wearing yellow or referencing a refreshing cold beverage is hinting at an affair with Jay-Z. And you Illuminati folks, take off the aluminum foil hats, there isn’t a secret celebrity club ruling the world. Girls rule the world. Beyoncé already told us that. Duh!

Now, in fairness, there once was a secret society called the Illuminati. Their goal was to fight superstition, abuses of power, and religious influence over public life.

Wow, that sounds like a group we really need now. Wonder if they liked lemonade?