Putting aside robots (for now), if your job depends upon a non-physical process that can be…
Steven Underwood

Yes, this is how I feel too. Anything that isn’t made explicitly better, more endearing, or more valuable by human touch can and will be done via automation in the future (as long as it is cost effective).

I’m a professional software engineer and I’ve seen lots of jobs, even in this field, disappear thanks to automation of dev-ops tools, CRMs, cloud server management, etc. A lot of the work is becoming more oriented towards front-end development as well because it’s harder to automate visual customizations. Much of the server-side work that used to be done by people is now boilerplate and baked into frameworks.

I definitely see a future for live music performers, artists, caregivers, counselors, teachers, and journalists. I’ve always felt that I would probably need to fall back on providing a service like that eventually, if for no other reason than ageism in technology. That’s why I practice painting, guitar playing, singing, weaving, and communicating. Those skills will be so much more valuable in the future. I really hope that compensation for these roles improves in the future along with demand, in general. Art and care improves society without fail.