How to Avoid Corrosion:

Find the best ways at Chrome Fix UK in easy and simple ways to avoid corrosion

Corrosion occurs from when materials (frequently metals) chemically react with their environment. It is a natural process that converts refined metals to their more stable oxide. It can be prevented if the contact between metal and air is cut off. This can be done in a number of ways. Some of very easy methods are mentioned below.

Corrosion can be prevented if the metal is coated with something which does not allow moisture and oxygen to react with. Coating of metals with paint, oil, grease or varnish prevents the corrosion of metals.

Coating of corrosive metals with non corrosive metals also prevents corrosion. Such as Galvanizing. It is a process of giving a thin coating of Zinc or iron or steel to protect them from corrosion. Iron is galvanized by dipping it in molten zinc. It is then taken out and allowed to cool. It is an effective method of protecting steel because even if the surface is scratched, the zinc still protects the underlying surface.

Tinning is another process. It is used by giving a coating of tin, i.e., molten tin. Cooking vessels, made of copper and brass get a greenish coating due to corrosion. This greenish coating is poisonous. Therefore they are given a coating of tin to prevent corrosion.

Electroplating is also an effective and common method. In this method, a metal is covered with another metal using electrolysis. Silver-plated spoons, gold-plated jewellery, etc, are electroplated.

Alloying is another method to prevent corrosion. By alloying two metals with each other, the resultant metal is an alloy and it does not corrode easily, e.g. steel.

These are the best way to avoid corrosions. ChromeFix UK is expert in chroming and metal finishing for all types and conditions of metals.

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