20% Project — Post 2


ALRIGHT, so I've decided on some stuff. I’m going to be be buying a Raspberry Pi and a few other things, and I’m going to make some sort of Internet Of Things setup that would turn on LED’s or turn motors or something. I could probably do this by having the Pi hosting a WiFi network and also running a server with a web interface that can be accessed by a computer of smart device connected to the Pi’s Wi-Fi network. This is kind of impractical though, because then you lose your device’s internet connectivity. Though, I could probably connect the Pi to the internet and run the server (no wi-fi network) so it can be remotely managed (again on a smart device or computer). I won’t have to pay for hosting or anything, because I can just use whatever-network-the-Pi’s-running-on’s IP adress.

It that idea doesn't work, there’s literally no limit as to what you can do with a Pi, so I won’t have any problems finding some new project ideas.

Materials to buy:



1. Raspberry Pi B+ Ultimate Starter Kit $70

So many parts. So many.

Okay, this has a lot of stuff. A LOT of stuff. And it’s $70. I can hear my wallet sobbing somewhere in the distance…

Alright, this is expensive, but has everything I need to get started and more. Included stuff is as follows:

  1. Raspberry Pi Model B+ (the actual computer)
  2. Dedicated PSU made for the board with 5-ft Micro USB cable
  3. Wi-Fi adapter
  4. NOOBS 8GB Samsung microSD card
  5. 2x blue, 2x red, 2x yellow, 2x green, 1x tri-color RGB LED’s
  6. A bunch of resistors
  7. Some wires
  8. Ribbon cable
  9. Jumper cable slot
  10. Clear case with access to all ports
  11. Breadboard
  12. 6-ft HDMI cable
  13. 2x heat sinks
  14. 2x push button switches
  15. Probably more stuff

Kind of ironically, we’re working on electrical components in my PoE class, so this should work out nicely.

Top-down view of the Pi.

2. Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad-Black $18.25

Cool keyboard is cool.

Alright, I really hate battery-powered wireless electronics. Some are complete trash and refuse to function, others are pretty decent. Unfortunately, batteries all die one day, and I don’t have rechargable batteries, and finding your keyboard typing “pppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppo ta aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasdasmdwqaa ttt” when trying to type “potato” is relentlessly frustrating. Same goes for mice (though they just stop moving your cursor). Well, I honestly don’t care, and for two reasons: A, because I don’t plan on using this keyboard that much (only with the Pi), so whatevs, and B, because this keyboard is rechargable, which totally rocks. I’m guessing it will die a lot faster, but dude. I always have like 7000 chargers with me, (and an external battery) so I could care less. Plus, I rarely forget to charge stuff. And did I mention, it’s RECHARGEABLE! Like yo, how is that not cool?! It also includes a touchpad and mouse-buttons so I won't have to buy a mouse. It also includes media control keys via use of a function key. Hella.

3. MicroSD to SD adapter $1.40

My family lose these all the time. And then I have to find them.

I’ll need this if I ever need to directly connect the card to my computer.

4. Mini 150m USB Wifi Wireless LAN 802.11 N/g/b Adapter with Antenna $4.66

“Why do you need another wi-fi adapter? The starter kit comes with one!”

Well, its range is probably trash considering it’s just a dongle, so I’ll get much better Wi-Fi reception (and transmission power) with this adapter.

Plus, it makes the Pi look ominously cool.

Total cost: $94.30
I have no idea if that includes taxes, but the shipping is free.
I have $25 in my Amazon account (from a gift card) and I probably have like $60 in my wallet (though it never leaves the house). I have a pretty decent amount of money in my personal bank account, too. My parents don’t like buying me stuff though, so I guess it’s all on me. (Well, they will buy me stuff if I need it for school or if they see it as somehting very useful. Unfortunately, they don’t really know much about computers [like many other people], so they probably don’t see the value in this. I’m getting a lesson in electronics and programming, and I get to make something cool.)

I also need a might need a display to display stuff on, but I don’t know yet. I’m not going to buy one if I don’t need one, because they’re like $30 — 50 for small, resistive touchscreen ones (like 3 inches) or like $60 — 130 for monitor style ones.

(OK, it’s 2:43 AM at the time of writing this. I hope it made some sense.)

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