2018 Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development Company

Jun 13, 2018 · 3 min read

In a Mobile App Development Company, the majority Frontend Developers still favor JavaScript over other languages. There are many popular JavaScript Frameworks to choose from in terms of efficiency and that’s why it is important to know which Framework is best for the purpose of Web as well as Mobile App Development.

The JavaScript Frameworks are necessary tools that are required in the process of Frontend Development to make sure that the entire procedure is fast and smooth. Below are some of the most well-known JavaScript Frameworks:


It is the most famous JavaScript Framework which is also a basic Frontend tool for tech giants like Instagram, PayPal, and Dropbox etc. Founded in 2013, React,js is a great fit for websites and applications that have Complex View Logic. To save time React.js allows the developers to reuse the components instead of creating new components every single time. With the help of a very unique and effective Reconciliation Algorithm known as ‘Virtual DOM’, the front end development’s performance can be boosted.


This JavaScript Framework was created seven years ago and since then it has been used for the purpose of designing websites. Some of the well-known companies that use Ember.js are LinkedIn and Kickstarter. The Ember.js is a quite popular JavaScript framework as it comes with a complete package of great features and also receives regular updates in a timely manner. This framework is a fit when the developer needs to build complex web apps because of its String-based Templating system the boot duration is faster.


Every front end developer is familiar with the Angular JavaScript framework as it is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks to date, which was released by Google almost a decade ago. Angular’s simplifying development is one of the main reason that the front end developers still favor Angular over other frameworks available in the market. With MVC architecture that stands for Model-View-Controller, the Testing phase have become much more approachable and easy to conduct.


In comparison to the other JavaScript Frameworks, the Vue.js is rather a newbie that was developed with the key objective to create the User Interface that is more organized. Because this framework is focused on the view layers, it is easy to understand especially for a beginner level developer. Another pro in Vue.js is that its templates are valid in HTML making the integration easy and smooth.

Although the requirement of JavaScript Frameworks depends on what project and its requirements but the React.js and Angular Frameworks are two of the most efficient frameworks that fulfill almost every criterion. So if you are looking to hire a Mobile App Development Company then make sure that some basics like this are covered beforehand as per your project’s needs.

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