4 steps to Hire the Best-Fit Ruby on Rails Developer

May 6 · 6 min read

Ruby on Rails is a Framework that is not new to the technology domain.

Being in the market for more than a decade, Ruby on Rails is one of the most robust and powerful Frameworks for building the Server Side of a Web App.

And this is the reason why although there are several Frameworks present in the Market, Ruby on Rails is still the first choice for Entrepreneurs.

In fact, some of today’s Popular Companies kicked off as a starter with Ruby on Rails powering their Web Apps.

To name a few- Airbnb, Couchsurfing, Dribble, Basecamp, Shopify, Pixlr

So if these Startups can make it big using Ruby on Rails, then so can you.

You just need to Find and hire the Right Ruby on Rails developer for your Project.

By Right, I am referring to an RoR developer that best suits your Project needs and requirements.

Someone, who has the right set of skills and expertise to transform your Idea into a Profitable Business Web App.

So the question that rises Here is:

How to figure Out if a Ruby on Rails developer is the Right-fit for your Project?

Well, there’s no hard and fast rule for that.

But yes some parameters can help guide you through the Process.

Trust Me, without any prior knowledge, hiring a dedicated ruby on rails developer can turn Out to be a nightmare.

So Here I am going to provide you a short and simple but a useful guide to finding the perfect RoR developer for your Project.

1) What services do you and your Project require from a RoR developer?

Every Project is different. And So are its requirements.

Thus, The RoR services that your Project requires may vary from another Project.

You may want to build a complete RoR Web Application from Scratch.

While Some other Project may require Migrating an already running Web App to Ruby on Rails.

So you need to Hire an RoR developer who specializes and hold experience in providing the RoR services that your Project requires.

To give you an idea, Here’s a list of the probable Services that a Ruby on Rails Developer can provide:

● RoR Custom application development

● Web-based application & product development

● Ruby on Rails dynamic website development

● Porting and Migration to and from RoR

● RoR MVP Development

● RoR Web application QA/testing services

● Cloud-based RoR Application Development

● Integration of third-party APIs such as Payment Gateways and MapSDK

● Existing application support and maintenance

● Post-launch RoR Application Support and Maintenance

● Ruby On Rails Consultation Services

Many more can be added to the list depending upon your Project needs.

So before venturing Out to Hire RoR developer, sit down and figure out your requirements first.

And then accordingly, you can Hire RoR developer who can provide you the necessary RoR services.

2) What Technical skills are you looking for in your developer?

Technical skills are what differentiate an expert RoR developer from an average one.

And what you need is a ruby on rails possessing the necessary and the right technical skillsets.

Usually, the perfect RoR developer encompasses the following technical skills:

● In-depth knowledge of Ruby- The Programming Language

● Detailed Understanding of Ruby on Rails Concepts

● Experience in various versions of Ruby on Rails- Rails 2.x, Rails 3.x, Rails 4.x, Rails 5.x

● Knowledge of various Front-end technologies- HTML, CSS, AngularJS , React, etc.

● A Solid Grip on Agile Software development- JIRA

● Awareness regarding various useful Gems

● Knowledge about Cloud Hosting and technologies- AWS, Heroku, Azure

● Proficient in working with Code Versioning tools-GIT, SVN

● Understanding of multiple Databases and Database systems- MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

● Implementation of Trending technologies like IOT Application Development and Blockchain

● Proficient with various Testing tools- Minitest, RSpec

So it is necessary that while hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, you should look out for these skillsets.

3) What soft skills do want in your RoR developer?

Along with Technical skills, soft skills play an equally important factor in determining the capability of a developer.

The combination of productive technical skills along with the right soft skills can take your Project in the direction of success.

So here are some of the soft skills that you should keep in mind while hiring an RoR developer:

● Strong communication skills

● Problem-Solving Mindset

● Team Player

● Open-mindedness

● Adaptability

And so on

Now that you are aware of what soft skills to look for in an RoR developer, now comes the next part which is:

4) From where to hire Ruby on rails developer- Professional firm or Freelancer?

Now comes one of the critical part- From where to Hire RoR developer?

Well, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

But the benefits that you can get from a professional firm overshadow that of a freelancer.

Let me explain.

You can get the following benefits if you hire RoR developers from an established Web Application Development Company over a Freelancer.

Benefit 1: With a professional firm, you can get a wide range of services starting from the start to the end of the Project.

In professional development Companies, Developers work in teams that hold expertise in different aspects. So you don’t remain restricted to only a particular Service.

Such companies have the resources and ability to provide every single Service to your Project right from MVP development to Post-launch Support and Maintenance.

While with a freelancer developer, you are entitled to receive only those services that the developer is capable of providing.

Benefit 2: With a Professional firm, you don’t have to limit your Project to specific Tools and Technologies.

As I mentioned before, Teamwork is what established development firms strive on.

And Hence, with a professional company, you have the freedom to implement a wide range of tools and technologies into your Project.

Moreover, such firms have developers who are skilled in emerging technologies such as IOT and Blockchain.

So If at any point of the Development Process, you feel the requirement of implementing such technologies, then you can get that too.

While a freelancer RoR developer is devoid of any teams and hence you get restricted to only the tools that he/she is skilled with.

To implement other technologies, you have to get in terms with other developers.

Benefit 3: With a professional firm, you can hire Trustable RoR developers

When you hire RoR developers from a reputed and established Development firm, you get credible and trustable developers.

That’s because, first of all, they sign an NDA that restricts disclosure of your Project information to a third party.

Also, developers from professional firms won’t disappear on you amidst the project.

While the same cannot be said about a Freelancer.

With no higher authority, freelancer RoR developers may get distracted from their obligations.

Benefit 4: Constant Coordination and communication

Established development firms houses teams dedicated to forming a constant communication channel with their Clients.

So you can be aware and be updated of the status of your Project regularly.

On the other hand, freelancers may not always be available to communicate with you.

So these are only a handful of the benefits of hiring RoR developer from a professional firm.

There are many more.

But I believe that these reasons are enough to convince you that an established development firm is indeed the better option.

Now, ChromeInfotech is an 8+-year-old well-established and reputed Web Application development Company that houses expert and dedicated Ruby on Rails developer.

Its developers are experienced in providing an extensive range of RoR services across 27+ Industry Verticals.

So if you have any requirement of transforming your Idea into a viable and profitable RoR powered Web Application, ChromeInfoetch has the Best-fit RoR developers for your Project.

All in all,

Hiring the best Ruby on Rails developer won’t be a walk in the park. But if you know what you want and what to look for, then you can end up with an RoR developer that steer your Web App Project to a great Success.


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