AngularJS Empowered SPA: Transforming Web Applications To New Heights

Jan 7 · 3 min read
AngularJS Empowered SPA

With more than 2.5 million people using smartphones(as of 2018), you will surely agree with me that Mobile Apps are set to rule over the technological space.

But wait a moment! For all hope is not lost for Web Applications.

Web apps are as important or for a matter of fact is actually more important than mobile Apps for the success of your Business venture.

It’s the single most effective way to draw in a huge clientele and customer base because:

● They form the first impression about your Company or Business.

● Web Apps are more user friendly- no prior process of downloading or installing

● Web applications are highly accessible from everywhere and anywhere

● They can provide you with a more global reach.

These are the reasons that clearly indicate Why developing Web applications is a greater priority than developing a mobile App for boosting up your Business.

Looking at the importance of Web Applications and the ever increasing expectations of users, Web developers are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to elevate the User experience of Web Apps.

And the result of which is SPA(Single Page Applications).

SPAs are dynamic web applications that eliminates page loading when a user is utilizing the Application.

So when a user clicks on a feature, a new page gets dynamically updated in the present page instead of loading a new one.

No page reload means less waiting time for users which ultimately adds up to a fluid,smooth and incredible User Experience.

Also since all the pages are already pre loaded, an user can continue accessing the application even in case of loss of internet connection.

In the last few years, single page applications have whipped up quite a lot of popularity,

Specially with the dawn of AngularJS.

AngularJS is one of the most popular web development framework housing various components that contribute to building awesome single page applications.

In fact some of the top web applications such as Netflix and Paypal are single page applications developed using AngularJS.

So, an AngularJS development company can provide you with excellent and out of this world single page applications that will definitely grow your user base.

And it’s not just that.

Deciding to FangularJS developer for your Web App has some other great bonuses such as:

● Low development cost

● Faster application development

● Increased application security

● Easy and efficient testing

And all these benefits are bound to make you sign up with an AngularJS developing company.

Now If you are wondering whether there are other technologies for developing a single page application,

Then the answer is yes.

There are in fact a variety of other platforms that are moulded to develop single page applications.

But they fall back on the aspect of providing the above mentioned benefits.

So as of now, AngularJS development company is the best choice if you are aiming to create a UI rich Web App with the spotlight on User Experience.

“Should I really go forward with developing a single page application.Is it for me?”

First of all, it will all depend on the needs and requirements and the nature of the App that you want to build.

Is it going to a static App or does it lean more on the side of a Dynamic App?

Well, if its a dynamic app that you are eyeing for then you should definitely consider SPAs.

Not just SPA but AngularJS empowered SPA.

Anyways, regardless of the type of app there’s one thing is for sure-

With the technological world reaching new heights,People are continually expecting more and more out of Web Applications.

And Angular SPAs perfectly fit the characteristics of a “Modern Web App” — A fast, high performing ,UI and feature rich application that winds up into an excellent and state of the art User Experience!


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