Mobile App Research Strategies

Mobile App Research Strategies | This is How You should do IN-DEPTH MARKET RESEARCH for your Mobile App

Sep 7, 2018 · 4 min read

The most critical part of the research phase in mobile app development is knowing How to research rather than What to research. To build a strong product foundation and get ahead of the existing competition, you need to research the Market and Competition in the most efficient way possible. Here all the research aspects along with app marketing strategies play a major role for any entrepreneur or app development company

So the question of the hour is — How to do research?

The main goal of market research is to determine the unique way you will position your brand in the market. For this you need to have a compelling brand story and USP.

When you begin the research phase, you do research for these aspects -

  • Is there a need for your product in the market?
  • Aspects of your business model.
  • How to devise the optimized marketing strategy?
  • Strength of product’s core.
  • Strengthening your social media presence.

So you need to know how to do research for each of these aspects to understand the viability of your product.

Primary Research

The above aspects fall under two categories -

  1. Primary Research
  2. Secondary Research.

In primary research, we -

  • Determine our products need in the market.
  • Frame the business model.
  • Create an optimized marketing strategy.

In secondary research, we -

  • Strengthen the product’s core.
  • Devise an optimized social media strategy.

So let’s dive into the how to do research part of each of these aspects.

research through this approach — Chromeinfotech

To determine whether your users need your product or not, you need to research through this approach -

Get a general understanding about the market by exploring -

  • The market in person through personal visits.
  • Various online forums
  • Social media platforms.

Make use of landing pages. Run Facebook ads and redirect users to landing pages through those ads. Record the engagement through those landing pages to figure out your target audience.

Online surveys and focus groups helps a lot in determining who needs your mobile app.

For creating the most effective survey for your mobile app idea, follow the below 7- step checklist -

  • Pick a tool.
  • Figure out questions to ask.
  • Decide your audience.
  • Design UX around survey research questions.
  • Integrate that design into your mobile experience.
  • Do a pre-test for experiences and functionalities included in your app.
  • Collect all the results and analyse it.

Use focus groups of 3 to 6 people based on these categories -

  • Experienced mobile users
  • Inexperienced users.

At times make use of diverse focus groups to get diverse opinions, experiences and behaviours.

Frame focus groups questions across -

  • Industry trends and your competitors.
  • Key features of your app.
  • Usability aspects

To devise the Most Effective Business Plan for your product, you need to research through the following approach -

Here you have to deal with the following key aspects:

  • Writing an executive summary of your business plan.
  • Tell about your company and business model.
  • Analysis of present market conditions.
  • Product elaboration.
  • State the company heirarchy.
  • Sales and marketing strategy.
  • Financial plan and strategy.
  • Summarize with proper appendix.

To devise an optimized Social Media Strategy for your product, research though this method -

To figure out the most optimized social media strategy for your mobile app business, you need to do research by following these steps:

  • Figure out a specific set of goals you want to achieve.
  • Identify target audience.
  • Provide value to every single follower.
  • Have a fixed editorial calendar for content for every month.
  • Optimize social media accounts.
  • Emphasize on visual rather than textual content.
  • Stay active on social media accounts consistently.
  • Know what is trending always.
  • Make use of both — organic and paid strategy.
  • Develop engaging and creative content.

To strengthen your product’s core, research using SWOT analysis.

Here you need to do a SWOT analysis of your mobile app idea. You need to determine the -

  • Strength,
  • Weakness,
  • Opportunities


  • Threats,

related to your mobile app to derive the most efficient solution to sustain your product in the market.

To determine your product’s strength-

  • List down its advantages.
  • Figure its USP.
  • State your app’s ultimate goal.

To determine the product’s weakness -

  • Figure out improvement parameters.
  • Decide what to abandon.
  • Understand from the user’s perspective.
  • Figure out obstacles in revenue generation.

To figure out the opportunities -

  • Figure out latest technology trends.
  • Identify competitor’s weakness.
  • Brainstorm business scaling ideas.
  • Understand user behavioural pattern.

To unleash the threats -

  • Identify difficulties you might face.
  • Realize the importance of synchronisation between industry standards and your product’s evolution.
  • Identify funding issues if any.
  • be clear on sustenance through evolving technology.

To come up with an Optimized Marketing Strategy, you need to follow this approach for researching -

  • Define how do you want to market your mobile app?
  • You need to decide between -
  • Organic marketing strategy
  • Paid marketing strategy
  • A combination of both
  • Be clear where do you want to market your app?
  • On the digital platforms


  • On outdoor media tools
  • Decide whether you need an in-house team or an external agency?
  • What are the pre-launch pitfalls that you should avoid?
  • What are the post-launch pitfalls you need to avoid at all costs?

The time you will have an answer to all these aspects, you will come up with one of the best research for your mobile app business and make your app a hit. Remember just one thing — you need to drive sales to generate revenue. That’s all that matters.


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