If you were a young girl in your early 20s growing up at the turn of the century, chances are you are familiar with the famous four. I got initiated into the Sex & the City world while pursuing a degree in human resources in Mumbai, the New York of India. Surprise surprise! I was single and recently recovering from a very emotional breakup. The city was my playground and many a nights were spent in hostel dorm room, holed up with friends, watching pirated copies of SATC. There was a surreptitious pleasure in watching the shenanigans of the four girls. A sort of aspirational value for the small town young girl who had moved to the big city and was trying to experiment with life and all that came with it, on her own terms.

The clothes, the bags, the shoes, all called out to me invitingly and I naively thought that post getting my career on track, this glamorous life could be mine too. Ah the innocence of youth! And then life happened, and I went about living it, a couple of job changes, two cities, few boyfriends and then finally getting married. I sort of grew up, changed, realized life is not all rainbows and unicorns. If anything it’s like chocolate, sticky, sweet, bitter, seductively melting, and drawing you to it. The rediscovery of the series happened by accident, and via a free Amazon prime membership. I met the girls again and was drawn into their world. Only this time, I wasn’t mesmerized by the fancy shoes, the apartments, the partying and the cosmopolitans. This time round they just sounded spoilt and whiny and well more spoilt to me than anything else.

Carrie’s neurotic obsession with Mr. Big and constant complaining about men, Samantha’s borderline nymphomania, Miranda’s very made up career problems, and Charlotte, well, her everything from her expressions to her whining. The writing was all over the wall. Independent, mature and confident women, just don’t talk and behave like our fancy four protagonists. Blinded by the Manolos and Jimmy Choos, I was almost conned into believing that the show was feminist in it’s spirit! When in reality it is anything but that.

I mean griping about the fact that your boyfriend doesn’t know you because he brought you a pear shaped ring instead of a square one is well, just plain annoying. It was a solitaire in both cases Carrie, and you cheated on him with your ex, so cut the man a little slack! And I don’t even want to get started on the outrageous sense of fashion. If you are going on a bus, or to the outdoors, do you really have to wear 6inches of heels, and yes ofcourse you can’t walk, if you do that! Heels for parties, flat shoes for the farm, learn that ladies! The unrealistic expectations of living in a big city and affording the glamorous lifestyle on regular jobs was just setting the rest of us up for failure. One paycheck in, I realized very quickly that after paying the rental and bills, there wasn’t much left for fancy designer shoes. It was a choice between designer shoes or being homeless. I choose having a roof over my head and forego the Birkin. I wanted the fabulous life and no matter how hard I worked (this after an MBA and a six figure job) the men and the cosmopolitans weren’t free flowing.

The show did teach me a valuable lesson though, mostly about friendship and the all girl bond. Many a weekend getaways and trips were inspired by it. I always ensured(till date) that atleast one weekend brunch or dinner was reserved exclusively for the girls. It made me learn the most important lesson of them all, the one about the bonds of sisterhood, and the one that should be cherished for life. So I do owe that to the fabulous girls of the city.