Hillary or Bernie? How I Decided
Rena Pacheco-Theard

Where was Hillary’s consistent compassion for children and families when she talked about minority children in gangs as super predators?

“Not just gangs of kids anymore. They are often the kinds of Kids called Super-Predator. No conscious. No empathy. We can talk about why they ended up that way but “First” We have to “Bring them to Heel!”

Where was Hillary’s support for working families and union jobs when she was called out by Obama for supporting the NAFTA trade agreement? Is her current opposition to the TPP believable or sincere? (Here’s one take on that, but you should always do your own research)

I grew up having a fairly positive view of Hillary, but having access to the internet and being able to see video evidence of her positions has lead me to increasingly distrust her. Perhaps one of the most stunning examples of this can be seen in this CBS news story.

The author of this piece clearly hasn’t done their homework… especially when there is a plethora of video evidence demonstrating her mendacity. How can the American people trust someone like this with our futures?

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