Checklist of Tasks to Prepare Your Home for a Showing Appointment

Before you leave the house for any appointment at all, and when you get a request for a showing, there are things you must do to prepare the house for a showing. If you make sure every evening that all community areas are free of personal items and staged, the last minute notice of a showing can be easily managed by observing the Ten Minute Rule — if you can’t put it away in 10 minutes, don’t take it out. This includes making complicated dinners that include complex odors such as garlic. It’s best the house look, feel and smell as fresh as possible, free of lingering cooking odors, except maybe chocolate chip cookies set out to refresh the buyers. SMILE.

Here’s a handy checklist before leaving, and for when the call comes in:

· Make bed

· Stow any laundry and toiletries

· Wipe down all counters and cabinets in baths and kitchen

· Wash and store dishes; dust, sweep and mop, as appropriate

· Empty trash nightly, and if needed, just prior to a showing

· Attend to any litter box or other pet needs

· File confidential paperwork

· Turn on all lights

Now, when you leave, you can be confident that the first impression of your home is priceless and may lead to a great offer.