How to upgrade to Ethereum Classic Mist

Like many new users to Ethereum Classic, you downloaded your ETC version of Mist offered by the Ethereum Foundation and clicked No to participating in the Hard Fork. Now you want to learn how to upgrade to the latest version of Mist offered by Ethereum Classic developers but do not want to risk the installation going badly. Rest assured, it is easy and simple.

1.) Back up your current Mist wallet folder.

2.) Place back up folder in a different location.

3.) Go to the Mist release page updated by ETC developers.

4.) Download the appropriate version for your Operating System.

5.) Unzip downloaded folder over the old “Ethereum-Wallet” folder.

(Please note that the ETC blockchain and your wallet details are stored in a different location. When upgrading Mist as instructed, those files will not be affected.)

6.) Open “Ethereum-Wallet” application file and Voila!

You have now upgraded to the latest version of Mist maintained by Ethereum Classic developers. Enjoy using decentralized applications on the original, immutable, and censorship-resistant Ethereum blockchain.

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