Political Revolution is About Waking Up
Joe Brewer

Dear Joe, You may remember the white paper I commissioned you to write back in 2009 entitled Building Trust for Effective Government. The context was how to build the political revolution in my particular sphere of influence. The result was the foundation of the Empathy Surplus Project, co-founded by a lifelong Democrat and a lifelong Republican, and it’s eventual creation of its first member organization: the First Caring Citizens’ Congress of Wilmington, Ohio. Nowhere in that white paper did I get the impression that we should simply walk away from the existing political framework. You outlined challenges. You outlined the differences between an insider game and a grassroots movement. You outlined opportunities for cooperation between caring Republicans and Democrats, where we could act together as Americans. It was inspiring at the time. It continues to inspire. With that said, your reflection on our current state of affairs and upcoming election seems like an invitation to abandon the electoral process prematurely, without anything to take its place. Our mutual friend and cognitive scientist like yourself, George Lakoff, doesn’t seem to be inviting us to abandon the process. What you are suggesting seems like high cynicism versus high caring engagement. Are you really asking us not to vote? Could you please clarify?

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