Yes, you are right about the increasing the local culture, a kind of immune response.
Andrei Draganescu

I don’t think it’s possible to free people from the need for validation. What is possible is teaching people to have a deliberate awareness of it, so they can train themselves to move more towards healthy validation, and away from unhealthy validation. And there are lots of people that teach this, that try to spread this idea around. While I agree that the social wide role models and ideals continue to seem as if they hold some sort of unbreakable sway, counter cultures do exist and are accessible. I’ve given up decrying the majority of people, and just try to focus on putting the work in to my life living up to my ideals.

That is a really great point about the progressive movement being nostalgic and retrogressive. Hadn’t thought to characterize the issues with that movement that way. It just doesn’t seem like the leadership around these days has any sort of grand vision or real sense of the problems…Not the majority anyways.

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