Conservatism is a State of Being
JD Rucker

While you make many excellent points about the nature of both parties, your attempt to justify conservatism as ‘innate’ and not an ideology lacks real substance.

“They can recognize the validity of a stance based solely on the precepts of God and our founding fathers.”

  1. As a liberal, I equally firmly believe my liberal principles to be soundly based upon my relationship to God and my understanding of the founding fathers.
  2. You can’t claim that your party members have an innate, in-depth understanding of the lives and intent of the founding fathers that is superior to all other people without some evidence.

“Conservatism works from the core of an issue.”

  1. While I completely agree that true conservative principles are lacking in conservative leadership, when you treat the beliefs of a large portion of the population as innately wrong, and not worthy of engaging in debate with them, you are not working from the core of the issue, but simply seeking to define the core of the issue as 100% within your belief system, not acknowledging the diverse range of attitudes and beliefs about any issue.

And finally, your point that free market economy is good has little foundation in evidence, or reality. Another egregious example of choosing faith over reason in order to side-step evidence. Principles must be revised to match the evidence, or their true strength isn’t fully capitalised on.

Thank you for this thoughtful article. Though I largely disagree, I appreciate your effort to remove corrupt hypocrisy from the system.

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