No Job!

In my country Nigeria, and maybe some other countries in Africa, we have students struggle so hard to go through school and eventually graduate! We see hopes, dreams, aspirations — go away, all because, a once zealous student, graduates and leaves school, without having a job; he lives without fulfilling the dreams he/she was once loyal to.

So instead of waiting for the much needed jobs, that government can’t offer, why not humbly buy into a Network Marketing scheme. Oh! I remembered, most Nigerian students or graduate will say they are shy; they fear that they might be intimidated or humiliated by that prospect that they want to market to. Brotherly, if you don’t get on with network marketing early, and you eventually become unsuccessful after many years of “hard work” — the whole world, including me, will join in your humiliation and intimidation party.

Apparently, there are many ways to the top, but am super sure that Network Marketing is one of them; allowing you start small, grow big and own the system. All you need do is ask how it works, understand how it works and start building a profitable network marketing business. It might seem discouraging, but since there are No Jobs, create your own Job through network marketing.