Personal Branding: Your Starting Point.

Personal branding is one of the hottest topics today because the world wide reach and influence that social media gives the ‘ordinary’ individual needs to be profitably tapped and utilized.

This has created a very intense competition among individuals who wish to stand from the crowd, and garner a large following for purposes of personal advancement.

Personal advancement here means a well leveraged personal brand that efficiently and cost effectively brings in fortune, fame and large followings. This desire for advancement has naturally led people to seek education in creating and leveraging their personal brands.

The process of personal branding commonly shared are as follows;

  1. Define your brand.
  2. Create content to position yourself as a thought leader or expert.
  3. Use social media to promote your content.
  4. Use of “persuasion triggers” to influence behaviour.
  5. Use of analytics to measure results and modify activities.

These work but there is something more basic to personal branding that should be the foundation of all personal branding.

Branding is the perception of a thing in the minds of people. So we can say a personal brand is the perception a majority of the people have of an individual. We can call this perception a “reputation”.

What does “reputation” mean? It means basically a recognition by other people of some characteristics or ability in a person.

You see your personal brand is your reputation which is a by-product of your work. Your work is what you do or say. Your work is your brand.

When working on your personal brand, spend more time on what you do and say than on ‘packaging’ and ‘scientific applications’. I am not saying optimizing your content for your target audience or split-testing your profile picture doesn’t add to your personal branding efforts but it should be a secondary focus and not the primary focus.

Your primary focus should be on doing great work that helps people and doing it in a smart way. Your personal brand is what you do. Do great things to earn a great reputation and see your personal brand achieve fame, fortune and a large following.

What do people know you for? What is your reputation?
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