I can remember the first time I cooked fried rice. I was less than 14 and the colour of the rice was as green as the colour green in the Nigerian flag. Am yet to know what possessed me to go and take that bold step. My parents were not at home to start with. Few of my siblings were at home. I decided to practice what I see my mum do. I took time to slice the carrot, green pepper, green pees etc. The hot dog and mushroom were indeed under my control. What took my time was the cabbage…slicing cabbage is not my thing at all lol. After preparing this food, half of the pot was filled with oil. I just opened the new turkey oil my mum bought. Everything was so perfect…the taste was something else. Ikechukwu my kid brother ran downstairs from the kitchen and said that he is hungry.
I poured the rice into the sieve to sieve the oil and the oil that I sieved out from the sieve was enough to cook 9 cups of rice.

Enough to fry two dead chicken.

Enough to make stew of two custard bucket of tomato. I carried the sieved rice and poured into another pot and allowed it to heat for a while so that it will look as if I cooked it with that other pot lol.
Mum horns! She is back from work and then I had to run. I have every reason to run.
She entered inside the kitchen and said “who is cooking?”.

She opened the pot and said “this is Chuma’s handwork!. This boy has finished my spices. Just look at the colour of this rice. “. “Chukwuma!” she yelled. Rushing down to the kitchen, she looked at me and said “this rice is very tasty but the green pigment is too much and you have finished the oil I just bought yesterday “. I didn’t say anything neither did I want to give reasons for what I did.

I dished mine first to taste it and say to myself “well done” .

The husband man must first be the partaker of the harvest.

After eating it, I went upstairs. Every other person dished theirs and ate. My mum kept complaining about the oil and the green pigment for every spoon she ate. Everyone’s mouth was so oily as if they all applied lip gloss.

As for the oil, I don’t know what happened to it again lol

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