What would you ask for?

I just heard this amazing message called The Centurion Factor by a guest speaker at my church.

I was just reading in Matthew last night about the story of the centurion and Jesus. I went through it like a story I’ve heard my whole life. This message introduced me to a different side of the story that I never even thought about. The centurion’s faith amazed Jesus. What would you ask God for? Knowing He can do anything. Just something to think about…

It’s February now and I feel like the year is flying by. Tomorrow I’m turning 30. I’ve also been attending C3 Church San Diego for 10 months now. I think it’s pretty awesome to see how God has shown Himself to me and how far He’s taken me. I received my contribution statement from the church yesterday and I was shocked at how much I’ve given in the short time I’ve been attending. It may not seem much, but it made me happy because I know that I’m giving back what belongs to Him and more. I’m doing whatever small part I can do to build His Kingdom and I’m giving to the House that is continuing to build me. Seriously, there is nowhere else I would rather be.

I feel like I’m rabbit-trailing here, but I’m working through it ok? Anyways back to my journey, I think this message was a great one to end my last day in my 20s. I can believe for something crazy and miraculous to actually happen in my life if I asked for it because that’s how big and powerful my God is. It took me a couple months to finally look forward with no fear and with excitement, but I’m finally here. We just went through our message serious of New You Resolutions. Pastor Emma said this month was going to be amazing and she was right! I can’t even tell you how inside I’m like bursting with excitement for what I know God will do in my life this year. I just have to stay open to His will and wait for His direction. In the meantime, I’ll continue to seek Him and serve Him.

Last Sunday Pastor Jurgen said, “Every year should get better and better.” So new year new me. 30 is going to be legendary!

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