Bisola and TTT: Is their romance evil? #BBNaija

So lemme just talk about this TTT x Bisola thing real quick.

First, BBNaija is supposed to be people living their normal lives right? Be yourself on live TV; be as real as you can be. Laugh. Play. Talk dirty. Cry. Fall in love. Be yourself. And as far as the game goes, Bisola is being herself. She has fallen for TTT who is a very likeable person. I know because he’s my guy. What I don’t know is why people are abusing Bisola. She’s a single mother (emphasis on single) for God’s sake and if she cannot go months without ‘sex’, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can go very long without wanting some.

TTT is married and ‘messing around’ with Bisola who is obviously very attracted to him. I don’t have a problem with him being romantic with someone else, especially as it seems like his wife is in support. I mean, I heard she has been canvassing for votes for him on Instagram.

But you know what my problem is? Deceit. Does Bisola know he’s married and has kids? If she doesn’t have this information, then it is unfair that TTT is playing her like that. If she knows and still goes on with the romance, it’s cool. They’re adults and it’s Big Brother.

Now, I don’t know if the organizers of the show asked TTT to be ‘single’ in the house, but I think Biggie should somehow let TTT know that everyone knows he’s married. His trying to ‘hide’ it is distasteful, and no amount of money should make one deny the existence of their family.

This is also hurting his game, and reducing his chances of winning the prize money.

This is my 2 cents, or 1000 kobo (at the current exchange rate).