“Coalition of Chaos”

I wish I could watch the new cabinet meetings. While the Tories will be playing a game of “who can make the most bigoted statement about Islam without saying the word Muslim” the DUP will be trying to get the words “Catholics” and “terrorists” into as many sentences as possible. This is the “Coalition of Chaos”.

What a week. Being a (strapping) young man at the age of 18, this was my first time voting. Naturally I was keen to get out and take part in the ancient practice of democracy…And there’s a reason for that too.

You see myself like many others my age voted for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, because he was the one person in all this mess telling us that we as a community mattered, and our voices could be heard. Labour’s policies spoke to the students among us, promising to scrap the tuition fees that the MPs in power didn’t pay at University; and a higher minimum wage, and a new ‘Ministry of Labour’ to enforce rights those of us in work. Not to mention the boost in NHS funding, more police officers on the beat, and the many policies on helping pensioners, the homeless and those who are in need of desperate help.

So imagine our surprise when we woke up this morning to hear that there was a hung parliament with the Conservatives winning. But without enough MPs to form a “STRONG AND STABLE” government the Torries turned to the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland to make up their numbers. To be totally honest I wasn’t that surprised at all.

For those that don’t know, the DUP are a very (very) right-wing Northern Irish Party, lead by the fearsome Arlene Foster, and founded by the fundamentalist preacher Ian Paisley. As a Catholic with Irish heritage I really must tread carefully here, but it may not be a surprise to hear that the DUP has been linked to, you guessed it, terrorists! Who’s the sympathiser now Mrs May? Several of the DUP’s members were involved with various pro-union paramilitary groups, including Mr Peter Robinson former First Minister of Northern Ireland.

That’s not all either, the DUP’s policies are… colourful to say the least. In fact some may say they’re lets absolutely outrageously homophobic and right-wing as illustrated by Mrs Foster in this handy clip:

I’m going to start by saying as a Catholic, I totally disagree with her views here, I think anyone in love should be allowed to be married, I’m not a neanderthal.

As a man I thought that being the female leader of an entire political party would make you want to help as many women as possible run their own life with out anyone telling them what they can or cannot do with their bodies. But no! it’s plain to see Arlene hates women’s rights as one of her party’s main ‘selling points’ is their support of the abortion ban in Northern Ireland.

To be totally honest, I thought it would be impossible to find a women who is more of a political man than Theresa May, until I found Mrs Foster. And the great thing is the two of them are now running our entire country. Fab.

So when we need a government of the people to help those in the country who were on their knees, going to food banks to find their next meal, people begging for money on the street, we get a government that constantly cuts corporation tax and funding foressential services.

And that is why I’m so annoyed, as a community young people can shout as loud as they want but they will be ignored. During the the EU referendum I was told by family members that I didn’t know what I was talking about during debates, or that I was too young to understand and that’s why so many of us usually don’t bother to vote. Nobody cared about out vote.

But we’ve proved them wrong this time. What did we vote for? Free healthcare, help for the poor, free education, nationalised railways, higher corporation tax, more police funding, helping the elderly receive social care, no more wasting money on trident and to stop the bombing campaigns in Iraq. What did the doubters vote for? Cuts to education funding, cuts to the NHS, anti-gay marriage, tax cuts for the wealthy, anti-abortion and fox hunting. Point made.

Peace & Love


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