Last Day Wk1 Andela Bootcamp Lagos

Having been awake almost all night, the morning started slow for me, but with our soft skill session I guess I woke up, *smile*. We played the active listening and body language- sentence completion.

Where a group of three people represented a character, or person and a question is thrown at them. The group goes ahead to answer the question with each person saying just one word. By the time they are done the answer should make sense. Twas fun participating! The game emphasized active listening which a lot of folks lack these days. We also did warm up exercises to really really “wake up”.

We went ahead to our food for thought session- How to improve solution speed. A lot was said:- knowing and using appropriate data structure. knowing the cost of your function. Writing shorter code that is constant when measured. Just saying but a few.

Then we had a visit from Andela’s very own Director of Eng. and Training- Nadayar Enegesi. An easy going, party loving (party loving is his own words oo) young man. Elaborated on what Andela is about and encouraged us to walk in that knowledge in all our dealings during the Bootcamp. I’ll like to quote him here “what you care about should intersect with what you are doing” He emphasized integrity as one core value of Andela. We were meant to understand that Andela is a fellowship… hmmm, that’s deep! I can go on and on but for time and space. Really for me it was an enlightening session, and let me also quote him again “whatever you care about dare to do it” Digesting that!

We got to learn about binary search- a very effective and efficient way to search large number of data. The rest of the day was spent doing code exercises.

Week well spent I will say, it was worth my time and of benefit to me. I can definitely build from here!

About next week… I have no words

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