The race continues! Bootcamp day 3

The morning dose of discussion had us talking about how to make sure our code works. For me, what came to mind first was testing, but beyond testing there are other tons of procedures to follow as I found out from reading a few programming materials, to ensure the code we write works. Everyone had different ideas from their research, and in the end we gathered up all the tons of procedures, from, knowing what exactly you want your code to do, to having a plan as how to write it, to documentation, to automating the tests, to getting other developers to look through as two eyes are better than one like a colleague put it. But before that! My fave session- soft skills session; we learnt how to communicate appropriately, using the game ‘yes and improv’. There are times we may disagree but there are better ways to present our disagreement so that its a win win. That was a lesson I took away from soft skills today.

I seemed a bit lost today in the midst of code, code, code. I am reminded again that I have to do more to balance out. Still learnt something new though- lambda! Some refer to it as anonymous function. The best time to use lambda is when you don’t want to define a function with a name, maybe because it won’t be used again. The syntax is quite simple and didn't leave me confused. Generally, classes’s been good, sometimes it gets really serious but we still find a moment to laugh with each other. I believe I can say, so far so good!