Cigar of the Month Club from JR Cigars — worth it? Maybe…

JR Cigars is one of the biggest online cigar retailers, so you would naturally expect a top-notch Cigar of the Month Club from them as well. They don’t disappoint.

Packaging & Freshness

I was very impressed with the package we received from JR Cigars. It came in a small cardboard box which provided excellent protection during shipping. Inside I found a fantastic, custom-made zip lock bag with a built-in humidity pack (to keep the cigars properly humidified during transit).

Each of the 5 cigars I received were in ready-to-smoke condition right out of the box.

Cigar Selection & Newsletter

I was very pleased with the selection of cigars that I received:

  • Cohiba Dominican Robusto
  • Rocky Patel Sungrown Robusto
  • EPC New Wave Connecticut Divinos
  • St.Luis “G” Rothchilde
  • Oliva Master Blen 3 Churchill

As you can see, each cigar is a premium smoke — no “el cheapo” sticks in the bunch.

JR Cigars does not include a newsletter with their cigar club. I knew this upfront, so I was not surprised not to find one in my package. Though this is not a deal breaker by any means, I do appreciate having a write up of each cigar so I know the cigar’s character and components (type of filler, binder and wrapper).

Overall Experience

The club was very easy to join through JR Cigar’s website and the checkout process was easy and painless. I received the package within 4 business days, which I thought was very impressive — especially since I was eager to get my grubby hands on some quality cigars!

I contacted JR Cigars with a question via their email support and they responded in under an hour — even on a Sunday. Their customer service rep was helpful and knowledgeable — which I was very glad to see.

The process for canceling your membership was also painless. No hoops to jump through or marketers trying to talk you out of it. Simply send them an email requesting a cancelation or call their 800 number (888- 574–3576).


I feel that the JR Cigars Cigar of the Month Club offers a fair value for the money. The combined value of the cigars I received was about $41.50 — so I certainly got my money’s worth there. However, I would have liked to see a bonus items (ex: cutter, lighter, etc.) or an ongoing discount on future purchases for club members. Considering this is one of the least expensive clubs out there helps put things in perspective though.

My Take

Overall, I was very impressed with the packaging, selection and customer support. The price is fair for what you get and I’d have no reservation recommending this club. It would be especially good for a someone who already enjoys smoking cigars and has some general knowledge of cigars.

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