The Ultimate Cigar Bucket List

Any avid cigar smoker deserves to have rich experiences with their hobby, and a “bucket list”, or list of things to do before you die, is a creative and clever way to outline the most important goals for all cigar smokers to reach throughout their lives.

Smoke a Cigar In Its Origin

Smoking a Cuban cigar in the comfort of your own home is undoubtedly enjoyable, but what about traveling to smoke your cigar in the place that it was rolled? Puffing on a cigar in its birthplace gives your smoke experience more depth because it helps you feel in touch with the cigar’s story. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and Nicaragua are four popular cigar destinations, and even travel to Cuba has become more accessible. These cigar hubs hold annual cigar festivals for enthusiasts, which would make a great time to travel and enjoy your favorite cigars in their authentic environments.

Buy a Box of Fifty

This might be a bit of an investment or expensive purchase, but it is worth the cost to indulge and buy a box of fifty cigars at least once in your life. It’s very common for cigars to now be sold in packages of 10 or 20, so buying a cabinet of 50 is truly significant. Buying in bulk not only ensures that you have plenty of cigars to enjoy for a long time to come, but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy cigars that have been aged in larger cabinets. Most experts agree that the extra air of the cabinet presentation helps cigars age much better. You’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise when you finally go to enjoy that last one.

Treats Cigars Like Wine

Always better with age, right? Muster up the self control to purchase a box of your favorite cigars and store them away for a few years. On a special occasion, or maybe just a night you’re ready to feel relaxed, take the cigars out and smoke one or two, taking the opportunity to reflect on everything that has changed (or remained the same!) since you originally purchased and stashed away the cigars. You can repeat this process with the same cigar package for years and years.

Walks the Fields of Tobacco

Whether in America or another country, there’s nothing that helps you appreciate the cigars you smoke more than walking through fields of tobacco. You can see first hand just how much personal touch and hard work is invested into growing high quality tobacco for your favorite cigars.

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