A Life in Music

“ We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget. 
We forget the loves and the betrayals alike” — Joan Didion

photo: Cila Warncke

Huddled next to the tour van 
sharing Marlboro lights with the boys in the band.

Cheesy pitta bread and supergluing his 
sneakers together.

The only woman they never dismissed.
The only woman who stood in the pantheon alongside Bob, Bruce, Neil.

Music was the pigeon flying coded missives: 
Have you heard this? in place of the straightforward, Thinking of you.

A decade earlier, London was a playground —
 nightclubs, bars, sparkling chemical romances.

Scribbling in the dark, trying to compress all the love and light and 
licence (as in licentiousness).

Song for an older, wiser me; a song for living.