Saturday night playlist

Last night my husband and I did one of our favourite things: sat in bed with 
a bottle of good red, talked, and listened to music.

Our first date was music, drinks, and conversation, and those three things have remained the foundation of our relationship.

Here’s what we got into…

I love Prince. He used to work for Prince, so he has stories. It works.

“There’s something about rednecks writing great songs… I like it,” he says, like the true son of the south he is.

Roy Orbison is a joint favourite of ours. His heartrending voice is part of what makes the TW the supergroup to end all supergroups.

Benefits of marrying a sound guy: he can tell you the mic Pink uses on this cover went out of fashion in the mid-90s…

“Two Canadians and a guy from Arkansas,” is how my husband describes The Band. He especially likes this song (and this live version features Neil Young).

And I have a thing for Neil Young. That voice. Those lyrics. Timeless.

Tomorrow, my husband flies to Munich. I go to work. By Tuesday, I’ll have forgotten what we listened to Saturday night, which is why it’s worth recording. Life hurries along. It is easy to hurry with it; hard to grasp the moment we are in.

Posting a video playlist is insignificant, as stabs at immortality go, but I want to remember.

What small, precious thing did you do this weekend? How will you remember it?