Short story UC: A brief excerpt

In which our outsider meets the protagonist’s husband and has a surprising reaction…

Photo by Florian Pérennès on Unsplash
“Hi,” he repeated, teeth bared in a grin that caught her like a lasso. “Thanks for stopping by. Laramie said you offered. That’s real nice. You met Shilo already, right? C’mere girl.”
Glancing up, Tara saw Laramie’s stunned face. The blood roiling in her groin didn’t leave much capacity for concentration. The dog, focus on the dog. Dan swept a pile off one of the chairs. She sat down hard.
Shilo let Dan arrange her, hold her paw up. Tara wiped her palm on her jeans before grasping the clippers. “You could do this,” she blurted. She was staring at Shilo’s nails so she missed the look that flashed between Laramie and Dan, but she felt the extra beat of silence.
“Used to. Things have been, uh, don’t know if Laramie told you but I’ve had a few health problems lately. Can’t do everything I used to.”
Health problems? She would be happy to take a closer look but, first impression, he was perfect. Six foot and change of lean muscle, maybe a little skinny but. “Sorry to hear that.”
“It would be great if you could show me.”
The color had receded from Laramie’s face, leaving it creamy and freckle-dashed. She was smiling but breathing fast.
Tara was about to say she wasn’t covered for that, then remembered she wasn’t covered for any of it. What the hell. “Sure, it’s not hard.”