The Bridesmaid’s Dress.

September 29, 2016 1:39 PM

She reached up her back, grasping for the zipper of her dress. She could feel it with the tips of her fingers, but not enough to grab it. Turning in circles as though that would bring her hand closer.

Just barely out of reach.

“Isn’t this just GREAT, Jess?!” she yelled at her reflection. She collapsed to the floor, too tired to cry. Her family and friends, happily paired off in the hotel rooms surrounding her. Her sister, her younger sister, probably fucking the brains out of her husband of six and half hours. Her sister wasn’t going to be one of those brides who was “too tired” after the wedding, no, she would want to prove that she was, in fact, the best wife ever. And here Jess sat, barefoot in a beautiful dress.

She couldn’t help but remember the last time she wore the dress. She had simply lifted her hair up and Alex had unzipped her. First kissing her neck, then her shoulder, then her back. She turned around slowly to face him. He gently pushed the sleeves from her shoulders and the dress had fallen, gracefully, to the floor. Much more gracefully than he had then pushed her onto the bed — much to her delight.

She tried to pull the dress up over her head, and got stuck — arms in the air. “Erg.”

This was the first wedding she had ever been in where she ended up in her room, alone. After he had pushed her on the bed, cocked his left eyebrow at her as he ran his eyes down the length of her matching lingerie-clad body in front of him, he unzipped his pants and moved towards her. He stuck his finger under the elastic string of her thong and pulled it down passed her knees — gravity taking care of the rest. Foreplay almost wasn’t even necessary — she was so wet by the look on his face as he pulled his dick, already hard, out of his pants.

“Abracadabra!” she waved her raised arms quickly and paused, “…Nuthin’!”

She unhooked her bra as he took one more step towards her, her legs dangling over the side of the bed. His tongue circled her nipples as they grew hard. She couldn’t stop thinking ‘Why are guys always so gentle when dealing with a woman’s boobs?!” She bit his earlobe and heard his breath catch slightly. That sound always made her smirk. With his hands on either side of her head, still standing, he pumped back and forth until he came. She didn’t, but somehow she still felt refreshed. He didn’t even get undressed as he fucked her. He stepped back, zipped up, winked and walked off to the bathroom.

Jess suddenly got an idea from inside her dress prison. With it around her elbows, and her arms flailing, she grabbed the neck of the dress, and clasped the zipper and pulled it down a few inches. Freed from her prison, she unzipped the rest of the way, stepped out, and walked off to the bathroom.

And there lay her dress where it had fallen, perfectly on the floor.

And there lay her dress where it had fallen, perfectly on the floor.

This piece is just a small part of a larger collection- title TBD.