blessings for your birthday, blessings for your everyday

Well yesterday was quite a LUCKY day. So much so that it’s a little rigged it’s all on one day.

  1. They sent me a computer science co-op acceptance email, on the condition that I actually get into the major in June.
  2. Suuushicat shows up to my door unannounced with a cake (mixed fruit cake which he remembered is my favourite) and a very high effort card. I take him for a walk around the park and we chat since I haven’t seen him in half a year basically.
  3. They sent me an email regarding CPSC 210 saying they forgot to count my exemption from the first midterm I slept past, and that my real mark is 92% (the mark they gave me before was 84%).
  4. kz offers to send me something back from Finland since I plan to give him a lot of chocolates I bought from Japan (and a Donald Duck keychain!). Excited for the possibility of “real” interaction — even if it’s indirect lol.

I don’t think my parents knew it was my birthday until Darwin brought that cake but eh, it’s not like I acknowledge their birthdays most of the time; we’re just that kind of family.

Excited to be drinking age too, although I don’t like the taste of alcohol. It’s easy to want things you don’t have I guess lol (in this case the option of buying alcohol).

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