Cindicator global growth — Australia and New Zealand phase

Dear Cindicator Friends,

As we mentioned in our Medium blog post from October 2, people from more than 160 countries have joined Cindicator as Token Holders, including more than 230 people from Australia and New Zealand.

We have always stressed that Cindicator community is the most important part of our ecosystem, and Cindicator team now moving into the next phase of growing our great community, and, good news, this will begin with Australia and New Zealand! Cindicator’s head of analytics and the most visible person in Cindicator chatroom during the token sale, Kate, is going to Australia and New Zealand to meet with and hopefully expand the Cindicator community.

According to the current schedule, Kate will be in:

  • Auckland 3–6 December;
  • Melbourne 6–8 December;
  • Adelaide 8–10 December;
  • Brisbane 10–12 December;
  • Sydney 12–24 December.

As always, we would like to ask our community to take an active part in our initiatives. To be more specific, we would be more than grateful to receive your feedback, ideas (probably Kate should visit more cities/places from business trip perspective), and help in organizing meet-ups and connecting Kate with people from the industry: e.g., Australian Securities Exchange, New Zealand Stock Exchange, local financial media, hedge funds (both crypto and traditional) and prop firms, traders, etc. Any others ideas and initiatives are very welcome!

If you would like to give your feedback, share ideas, or meet Kate personally, or if you are willing to help with meetups and connections, please contact Kate directly by telegram (@tomboytrader).

Let’s grow the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem of Cindicator with the help of Australia and New Zealand!


Cindicator Team.