Cindicator Token Sale_first results

Dear Cindicator friends, partners and token holders,

Let us share with you how we increased our company by 250 times and attracted a few thousands of financial analysts, mathematicians, investors, visioners, traders, data-scientists, developers, startup founders, and lawyers thanks to our Token Sale.

What is Cindicator? It is 20,000 analysts, who work intellectually on our platform on a daily basis, generating forecasts about various financial and crypto assets. Those collective intelligence forecasts are processed by the machine learning and AI models. By using this Hybrid Intelligence we create analytical products for traders, investors, and investment funds: predictive analytics, trading indicators, and market sentiments.

We have received 33,449 applications for the White List since we opened the registration: total sum of the desired amount of contribution is more than $500,000,000. Applicants from 160 countries, with different background and different motivation.

CND token is the utility token which provides access to our ecosystem and the products that are being developed.

Basically, we create a private club, members of which are interested in those specific products that we create by using Hybrid Intelligence.

We created the unique way of conducting the Token Sale which helped us to form our ecosystem of 4057 people: efficiency of Hybrid Intelligence will be powered by the symbiosis of minds of CND Token Holders aligned with our idea. We built up a globally decentralized group of people with different key competencies.

What was the process (step-by-step)?

0. Token economy

Tokenization is a solution of either technological or business tasks. Token should be an integral part of the technological and business infrastructure. In our case, CND token is an utility token, which will allow us to create a more efficient model for distributing products on the one hand, and on the other — to create more fair and transparent relationships between all the ecosystem participants: forecasters, traders, investors, and data scientists.

A very important part was to deliver this information to the community. The detailed work on White Paper and active work with the community helped to achieve this goal.

  1. White Lists

We created the system of whitelists to select those participants who really can strengthen our ecosystem, and who are truly interested in our product and technology, rather than trading speculation. At this stage, we collected detailed information (in form of applications) about participants and how exactly each of them intends to create a synergy with us. We were pleasantly surprised how many interesting people are willing to help us create the ecosystem of Hybrid Intelligence.

Five members of our team were checking applications manually with the help of automatic scripts developed by our team. This allowed us to cut off a large number of fake claims from people who were trying to forge their identity to buy a large number of CND tokens.

2. Tiers / KYC

We wanted to keep Cindicator White List Token Sale in order to allocate token holders evenly, avoid acting in haste, and, of course, don’t let anonymous whales in — so we divided Token Sale into four consecutive parts. Each tier consisted of a fixed number of participants (in the smart contract there were records of each approved ETH address) as well as fixed minimum and maximum cap per person:

This allowed us to hold the token sale evenly, without FOMO, unnecessary agiotage, and most importantly — as safely as possible for all its participants. We got rid of the usual problem of many ICOs — instant buying off of greater part of the maximum cap by a very small number of contributors, the so-called “whales” resulting in lack of tokens for the ordinary contributors. Thanks to our system of whitelists, in the first tier there were only 14 participants, with a low maximum cap of $100k, who bought tokens for only $1.1 million. In the second tier, there were 247 participants, 1201 participant in the third tier and 2595 participants in the last tier.

Thus, we have provided even-handed access for a wide range of contributors who have become part of our ecosystem.

3. Security

We analyzed current market situation and experience of previous token sales: various threats were identified.

From the very beginning, we defined the informational security of the ecosystem as one of the key priorities for the development of Hybrid Intelligence.

To ensure the fullest security, we have approached issues of development, audit, and maintenance of security in a comprehensive way.

We invited world leading engineers:

Our Smart Contracts were developed by Roman Storm, our Solidity Advisor.

The audit of Smart Contracts security was done by Bokky Poobah — blockchain security superstar to say the least.

For the penetration tests and audit of the whole infrastructure, our team was enforced with the expertise of the top-3 security firms: Digital Security, Acribia, Positive technologies and Adamantify.

We integrated security services for current and future safety of Hybrid Intelligence infrastructure: Qrator, Wallarm, Palo Alto Networks, AppArmor, AIDE and many others.

Enormous market’s interest to the Hybrid Intelligence led to a host of attacks from ill-wishers which we have stoically withstood. We have developed an internal expertise and information security culture by developing our own SOC solution for monitoring and prompt response to all possible threats in the internal ecosystem and the external Internet.

So all participants of Cindicator White List Token Sale don’t have to worry about information security of Cindicator — everything is safe and secure.

We are happy to share our experience and technologies with all participants of the new economy.

Thanks to all the participants! Together, we can make the process of making key decisions more deliberate, transparent and conscious with the help of Hybrid Intelligence.

In the next post, we will share with you our plans for the coming month. To those of you who did not receive the personal invitation: we want to remind you that our ecosystem is open to all! You can download our application and join the Hybrid Intelligence as a forecaster, thus becoming the backbone of Cindicator and getting our tokens or ETH,BTC for accurate predictions. You can also purchase CND tokens after they are listed on exchanges.

Let’s make the new economy more intelligent,

Cindicator Team.