CND is now listed on Binance

2 min readDec 11, 2017

We would like to announce some important news to our community — today, the CND token was listed on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. This is the first exchange at which the CND token has been officially traded against ETH and BTC.

Providing a convenient way to buy a CND token at the exchanges is an important part of the Cindicator ecosystem economy. At this point in time, according to our roadmap, we have already released the first products: Cryptometer Bot 2.0, as well as a web version of a crowd forecasting platform and a set of first analytical and trade indicators.

With today’s release of the three series of analytic indicators for traditional and crypto-markets, we have completed the first phase of our roadmap, which followed the plan we laid out after the completion of the token sale. This is why we have prepared the first official listing today to ensure that our tokens can be directly bought by customers who plan to integrate Cindicator products into their trade strategies, trade robots, and acceptance investment decision-making processes. In December, we will detail our technological and business plans for the entire year of 2018.

Interested hedge funds, private equity funds, traders, and analysts who did not buy tokens at the time of the token sale can now easily and securely purchase the required number of CND tokens and can access products of interest in the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem.

We want to thank our colleagues and our partners at Binance for the high level of professionalism and perfect work they put into developing their exchange. Binance crypto-exchange is one of the largest exchanges and holds the leading position on a number of major traded crypto-assets.

We will continue the planned work and communication with the exchanges to ensure easy and secure access to the CND utility tokens. In addition, we plan to work closely with the exchanges (both crypto- and traditional exchanges, as we did earlier with the Moscow Stock Exchange) to create and distribute algorithmic and analytical products of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem.

Stay tuned. During this week and the next, we will be sharing more interesting news about our progress and plans for the future.

Your Cindicator Team.

Kindly note that the citizens and permanent residents of USA, PRC and Singapore, still not allowed to buy our tokens even on secondary markets or exchanges (We are waiting for official statements of regulators on the status of the utility tokens in these countries).