Community sprint for Analytical products: procedure and results

The last week has been packed with important news, but the most important announcement was the release of our detailed first quarter plan. As we mentioned in our post, which outlined new functionality for our analytical products, we are devoting a great deal of energy to developing features suggested by the community.

In this post we will go into a little more detail on how the first community sprint for our analytical products fared and the results we have achieved.

Progress of the community sprint

Every single week, users of our products suggest dozens of ideas across various channels (Discord, Telegram, email, personal interviews). All of them go through several stages of assessment, after which we hold an internal vote where team members can push the features they believe will be the most useful to our products.

A shortlist of ideas to be voted on during the sprint is then drawn up. Each active member of our private Discord community is then assigned three points to be awarded to the ideas they find the most interesting. Voting takes place over a period of around two weeks, to ensure that all participants of the sprint have a chance to voice their opinion. At the end of voting we have an accurate picture of the kind of features our community thinks are most important.

We then evaluate the winning features alongside our development team and agree on a final list of features which correspond to the team’s overall vision and which will be included in the eventual roadmap.

Results of the community sprint

Before going into the details of the functionality added to the analytical product roadmap as a result of voting, here are a few key figures from the sprint:
- Over 100 ideas suggested by active users;
- Around 20 ideas put forward for the vote after internal evaluation;
- 60 participants in the sprint vote;
- Four priority ideas identified for development through voting as part of the sprint.

And so, the four features most in demand among the community were:

1. New exchanges and currency pairs for Cryptometer

Description: Add at least two new exchanges and at least 10 new currency pairs.

Utility: The number of possibilities for arbitrage increases with the growth in currency pairs and different exchanges available for tracking. As well as triangular arbitrage, this feature should significantly increase the value of the Cryptometer Bot.

2. Additional info related to indicator reliability

Description: Research and identify indicator stats that would allow users to determine the degree of their reliability (confidence intervals, sample sizes, models used, backtested accuracy).

Utility: Additional statistical data about indicators would allow users to determine the extent to which an indicator can be applied in trading strategies with greater accuracy each time it is used.

3. Info about top token holders’ wallets and trends based on this data

Description: Monitor market makers’ transaction data and incorporate relevant data about crucial movements into ML models.

Utility: Information about the transactions of major token holders could supplement output data from Hybrid Intelligence with important information about new trends and, potentially, allow indicator figures to be fine-tuned.

4. Integration with TradingView

Description: New incoming indicators are supplemented with a link to the asset’s chart with the price level indicated.

Utility: Integration with TradingView is intended to simplify the process of analysing a chosen asset for users. The feature will be especially useful for price level and support/resistance level indicators. After this feature is added, users will receive a link to a chart along with the indicator, allowing them to analyse the asset with the price level marked.

This post marks the opening of the first sprint for feature development, which is set to run until the second half of Q1 2018. We would like to thank our community for the enthusiasm you have shown, and we hope that the next sprint will see even more participation from our users. By the way, if you would like to participate in the next sprint, now is the time to send a Discord request.