Less hype more quality

“Success comes from standing out, not fitting in”

Don Draper from “Mad Men” TV series.

Last week we started our bounty campaign, intending not to improve our social media stats and get cheap advertising — as a matter of fact, those things will be collateral. We didn’t start our bounty to create ‘Fear of missing out’ attitude among our potential buyers. Our primary goal is to build a strong community, and strong community can’t be built around weak product or ideas. The Hybrid Intelligence idea and products of Cindicator are strong — but not everyone knows it yet. We need to communicate our idea to the wide audience — and White Paper alone isn’t the best way to catch its interest in many cases. This is why we allocate the biggest share — 30% of the bounty pool (this share is equivalent to approx 4,500,000 CND tokens or $45,000 if we reach our goals at ICO) to the content campaign — we need great text, videos and other content which inspires interest in Cindicator.

We see quality as an integral part of the Cindicator. Our approach can be described as the following: High quality team creates high quality products. This approach drives us to work weekends — we can’t leave before the product is perfect. So, in order to reflect our approach to quality we need the content to be of high grade.

Would you believe in the Ferrari cars’ perfection, should its ads come with typoes and commercials be made on a $3 film by high-school students? We believe you would have reasonable doubts. Appearance is a part of product — only buddhas can truly disregard the appearance in their judgement and, let’s be honest, most of us are not them. So, to keep it short — appearance is very important and must be taken seriously.

In many cases, it’s the opposite problem: something appears awesome — great landing page, beautiful logo, great advertisements — and the products itself turns out to be a huge disappointment. We are proud that it’s not our case. But it is time for us to improve our appearance.

This is why we want our content aspect to catch up with other Cindicator aspects.

How do we envision high quality content?

  • An essay about peculiarities of hybrid intelligence technology and its advantages (or disadvantages) over human mind, which would be interesting and understandable for wide audience.
  • A professional article about trading, providing insights on the possible benefits of Cindicator infrastructure for cryptocurrency or traditional markets.
  • A short video review of our technology (mobile application arbitrage or our telegram bot) and discussion about possibilities of successful Token Sale.

This is our vision. We are welcoming yours. Share your thoughts here.

Our Bounty campaign thread.

Your Cindicator Team.