October-December Roadmap

Dear Cindicator Friends,

Every day we work on developing new analytical products and on improving the existing ones for our token holder community. We do that according to our business plan and technological roadmap, which help us keep on track.

Today we would like to present you an update on our current short-term roadmap (October — early December). Please take a look.

1. Cindicator Web Platform

In two months we will release Cindicator Web Platform (0.1.0 Beta). This platform will have the same functionality as the mobile app and will help our analysts implement their knowledge with accurate forecasts.

This platform will help us acquire more analysts for our Hybrid Intelligence system, thereby increasing the quality of our analytical products.

The web interface is more convenient for many issues — for example, it is better at analyzing price charts on desktop devices than on mobile phones. This increase in convenience might significantly increase the accuracy of many analysts’ forecasts.

2. Cindicator Mobile App

We will continue to update the apps approximately once every two weeks to make them more stable, to fix bugs, to improve the UI, and to add new functions.

During the last three weeks, we have released two updates (2.7.9 and 2.8.0) for the iOS app. In addition to fixing bugs and increasing stability, we have also added useful features:

  • Now you can set 30-min reminders for the questions so that you can ensure you are always on time in delivering your forecasts;
  • You can also change your forecasts during a short window — a necessary feature if you accidentally make a mistake or a too-quick decision.

Soon after completing the Token Sale, we reinforced our team with a strong Android developer. This means that we will be able to increase the stability of our Android app and catch up with the changes in UI of the iOS app quickly.

Within the next two months, we will roll out new features:

  • A brand-new type of question will be added;
  • We will renew our existing policy of sharing forecasts on the social networks for additional points. An innovation will be introduced that will make this process more interesting and valuable, and less annoying (e.g., there will be no sharing for each forecast).

3. Arbitrage Bot 2.0

We are preparing to release the next version of our Arbitrage Bot 2.0 with some significant improvements:

  • More exchanges;
  • More assets;
  • Increased stability and speed;
  • Ability to send an alert when the designated price is reached;
  • Ability to see the cheapest exchange for the purchase of a specific asset.

From now on our bots will be accessible only to our Token Holders. Thus we recommend saving your CND tokens in order to be able to access our products in the future.

4. Weekly/daily indicators and price levels

We are preparing the analytical product line for release:

  • Weekly and daily support and resistance levels for popular crypto and traditional assets: BTC, ETH, E-mini S&P 500 futures, EUR/USD, Gold futures, Oil futures, etc. This list of assets will continue to grow;
  • Various asset price levels reaching probabilities;
  • Other probabilistic signals on various topics: politics, macroeconomics, questions related to the earning reports of US companies.

5. ICO ratings

We will offer the Hybrid Intelligence system to rank upcoming ICOs by their success/growth; for example, as measured by their tokens’ price expected growth in the following months.

This ranking will have various uses; for example, the favourites can be placed at the top of the ranking since their success is expected by the majority of forecasters. On the other hand, “underdogs” can be undervalued and could potentially yield more profit than the market expects — an opportunity for curious minds.

The Hybrid Intelligence system is just beginning to study and learn these types of analytical signals. It is very important that as many Cindicator ecosystem participants as possible understand the nature of this learning.

The pipeline of the complex of machine learning models begins with marked data mining (containing the expectations of analysts and actual reality), and in this connection, statistical models will be learning and their accuracy will be increasingly optimized over time.

The Cindicator team asks that all of the ecosystem’s participants approach this new type of collective analytical work by exercising the highest responsibility. Please help our models to learn in the most efficient way and obtain all the necessary data for mining.

We believe that it is in the best interest of all Cindicator participants that:

  • Most of analysts will share their expectations concerning the upcoming ICO;
  • The ML models learn efficiently;
  • Our analytical products will increase in accuracy as quickly as possible.

Limited access for the mentioned analytical products will be granted in exchange for CND tokens only; our pricing policies are now under development and will be based on the CND. We will introduce the pricing policy when the first products are released. In order to ensure the continuous growth of Cindicator’s internal economics, the pricing system will be dynamic, flexible, and renewable.

6. Interaction with active token holders

We have finally begun developing a system for structured work with those token holders who actively participate in the life of the Cindicator ecosystem:

  • Different directions will be given for the most active participants.
  • Sprints will be launched regularly for each track so that specific tasks can be completed in the fields of marketing, business and product development, analytics, and research.

We have already started to structure the communication process and will launch the next stage in October 2017.

In November we will present our mid-term roadmap for 2018.

Let’s make the new economy more intelligent.

The Cindicator Team.