Cindicator Product Release: Web Platform Beta 0.1.1

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Cindicator Web Platform Beta 0.1.1!

The Web Platform has been tested by our community on Cindicator’s Discord Server since Monday, November 27. Feedback and comments from our supporters have enabled us to polish the platform for public beta release.

Cindicator’s collective intelligence platform brings our users a new wealth of financial forecasts and perspectives derived from unique crowd wisdom algorithms and advanced machine learning layers. The result is a new breed of high-end analytical products and new levels of effective asset management.

Tapping into human intellectual assets is propelling hybrid intelligence to new heights. It also enables the independent forecasters who contribute to support next-gen predictive analytics and easily monetize their analytical skills.

Desktop displays without a doubt provide a more convenient medium than mobile devices or activities including in-depth analysis, research of relevant resources and price charts, yet each complements the full Cindicator experience.

We believe the new release of our Web Platform to be the right move toward our goals of:

  • Acquiring more forecasters for our Hybrid Intelligence system;
  • Improving the skillsets of contributing forecasters and forecast accuracy;
  • Increasing the quality of our analytical products.

The Cindicator Web Platform currently includes the most necessary functionality: predictions for all types of questions and view ratings. New user registration is enabled for the Web Platform and so it can be used as a totally independent tool. More features are coming and we welcome all feedback to further improve our platform.

If you have any questions or need to report a bug, please use the blue chat button located in the bottom right corner of every Web Platform page to contact our support team.

The Web Platform is available to access now at

Thank you,

Cindicator Team.