White List_update#1

UPD from August 31:

We want to make clear that Tier-1 is not about being better than others or being more fit for us — in fact, it is just a small number of people, which were chosen to get into that list .

Being in Tier-1 don’t give you any bonuses or discounts — and there is a cap, so other participants still get their tokens.

Please understand that we did not reject those who were not invited into Tier-1, neither we did consider them worse in any way — we simply believe that based on their applications they will be more comfortable in other tiers. Of course we will not Whitelist just everyone, but as long as you are really interested in becoming part of our ecosystem — you probably don’t need to worry.

Dear Cindicator friends and applicants to the White List!

We are ready to give you the first update on our progress!

We finished creating a list of Tier-1 participants: all of them have already received emails with the confirmation and will be able to buy our tokens as soon as our smart-contract is checked by the auditors (we have two respected companies checking it for any issues). We are now working on the Tier-2 list: its participants will receive a confirmation letter in the next few days. There will be four Tiers in total during the White List, and there is a possibility that we will reach our cap during these White Lists stages.

We would like to remind you:

  1. On the White List stage, we are looking mostly for people, who are interested in our technology and company; for those, who would like to contribute to our infrastructure in any way. We are not looking for people who are interested just in trading our tokens: they can always buy our tokens on exchanges, while White List stage is to guarantee the availability of our tokens for current and future participants of the Cindicator infrastructure.
  2. For the reasons that are listed above, we strongly recommend you to provide your vision of our future cooperation. All participants of Tier-1 did that, and it will increase your chances of getting into next tiers!
  3. Please be very careful with security, trust only official emails from us. Do not trust any people who might approach you and tell you that you are in Tier-1 or others: we have already contacted all the people in the list. Do not trust any people who might offer to sell our tokens — we do not work with third parties, and the tokens can’t be transferred from holders before October 12th. In general: please do not act in haste, take your time to check if the email you received is legit — we would never ask you to send your payments in a rush. Please contact us if you receive any suspicious emails about acceptance to the White List — it is always better to double check.

Thank you very much for your patience!

We will contact you soon regarding the next Tier.

Kind reminder: we would like to stress out that we DO NOT sell our Tokens via third parties. The only way to buy our Tokens before official Token Sale is to apply for the White List via our official website cindicator.com. After filling the form, please wait until we contact you via official Email — this is the only legitimate way we will approach you regarding the results of the White Lists. We will not contact you by private messages, in private or public chats, etc. When you receive the email, carefully check all the details about sender — if you have any doubts, please check with our team members in our official chat: https://t.me/cindicator_chat

Cindicator Team.