Points of Reflection

In principle, ideas, people, and events reflect back to you, according to your individualized consciousness, through the life you live. … The benefits you derive in life are the influence of frequency vibrations. The idea is to erase limitations through new points of reflection. Gregge Tiffen (Echo — September, 2010 in The Collected Works of Gregge Tiffen)

With a break of several days between having guests here at the Dragonfly House, I turned my attention to other things. Beyond the personal satisfaction of beginning to work through that list, I discovered a deeper understanding of the universal law of reflection, especially the power of new information and insight when used as points of reflection with awareness.

We each have some understanding that major life changes — new careers, new jobs, new relationships, changes in any one of these, moving, marriage, death, birth — create new points of reflection. We observe. We learn. We adapt to the new. We fight change or we embrace it. When we resist, we create struggle and stress. When we embrace an event as a learning opportunity, we create greater ease and flow — yes, even in the most challenging situations.

I notice that in my reactions to the world. For example, what do I experience when hearing the words and tone thrown recklessly out by politicians and further stoked by media reporting. When I observe with curiosity (What is this saying about the world? What can I learn about how the world works? What do I need to know about this to inform my choices?) I hold the possibility of learning something new and useful for my life. But, when I watch for entertainment or to be distracted or with no sense of why I’m watching I find myself agitated (or worse).

Do I have new information, insight, or a new point of reflection that may be useful? Or, am I taking in garbage (and we know the output from that!). Either answer provides valuable insight a presents a pivot point to shift. So don’t go shaming on yourself for going through the garbage. Take a moment to consider what you’re looking for. Then decide the best place to find it.

Among the things I’m attending to this week are health — both mine and Luke’s. (We’re both fine, but the change of seasons is presenting some symptoms that I felt deserve attention.) In the process I’ve discovered new information for each of us that resonated as accurate and useful — new points of reflection to support us both.

Points of reflection can drag us down, or they can lift us up. They can provide magical insights that protect, heal, and spur our growth. Points of reflection are abundant. Anytime can be harvest time. We simply have to wake up and see the rich potential in whatever is in front of us. But, harvest with care. Like mushrooms, some varieties can be hazardous to your health.

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