Five Songs (Tzu Yeh [3rd-4th centuries])


I cannot sleep
For the blaze of the full moon.
I thought I heard, here and there,
A voice calling.
Hopelessly I answer “yes”
To the empty air.


It is night again.
I let down my silken hair
Over my shoulders
And open my thighs
Over my lover.
“Tell me, is there any part of me
That is not lovable?”


I had not fastened my sash over my gown,
When you asked me to look out the window.
If my skirt fluttered open, 
Blame the Spring wind.


The blossoming branches tremble
In the sudden breeze.
The twilight deepens.
My lover loves me, 
And I am proud of my young beauty.


I am the North Pole,
Steady for a thousand years.
Your sun-like heart
Goes East in the morning
And West in the evening.

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