Hopi Spider Woman

On this day (Thanksgiving) I’m compelled to share a personal anecdote honoring Native Americans, of whom a near ancestor was one (Illinois). Unlike Senator Elizabeth Warren, however, I don’t go around claiming that ancestry for personal gain (shame on her).

In 1996, husband and I camped overnight (flimsy tent) in the mountains near Mogollon, New Mexico. Native American culture wasn’t heavily in mind. I’d (armchair) studied Native history, shamanism/mythology in early 1990s.

We fell asleep in extreme darkness. No external lighting whatever.

At some point I woke up(*), sat up and turned to look over my left shoulder. The moon had risen; a small bright glow in an upper corner. Centered in that glow was a Spider Woman against a web. Roughly the size of a basketball. I was surprised, but not frightened nor repulsed. Spider body, woman’s head, dark hair pulled back into a bun.

She began talking to me, in a language I didn’t understand…and yet I did understand her (primal). This went on for maybe 15 seconds.

I then woke up to morning sunlight and husband preparing breakfast.

(*) If not a real experience, then definitely one of the most lucid dreams I’ve yet had.

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