Susan and the Cricket

a true story :-p

Good ol’ Golden Sun Dog Food

is what we fed our mutt dog.

And when it came to eating,

Puzzles was quite a little hog.

It’s Susan’s turn to feed him,

she’s in the basement with a scoop.

Thirty pound bag rustles noisily

— hard morsels like pellets of poop.

I hear Susan coming up the stairs


full scoop carefully held in hands

{ /HELLO MR. CRICKET/ } Eeeeek!

I hear the scoop as it hits a wall;

scores of morsels go pinging about!

Susan’s babbling through the house;

that I nearly died laughing, no doubt!

What became of that poor cricket

scooped up by chance we can’t know;

but after Susan’s freakout, it’s a good bet

a bag of dog food’s the last place it’d go!

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