“Never Trust a Man Who Says, “Trust Me.”

Never trust a man who says, “trust me.” Why? Because if he feels the need to solicit your confidence, then there must be something in his history, actions, or reputation that would yield an initial distrust. In other words, if he’s demanding you to trust him, then he must feel compelled to address or undo an inherent distrust.

In turn, never believe a man who says, “believe me.” Why do you ask? Belief and trust often go hand in hand. If you trust someone, you tend to believe what they say. Therefore, it would not require a verbal demand for belief.

A great example is my father. He’s a man whose actions elicit trust. We accept his words with unwavering belief. He never has to say, “trust me” or “believe me.” The way he lives his life and treats his colleagues, friends, family, and community demonstrates his ability to be trusted. I’m sure there are many people in your life of whom you can say the same.

When the people you encounter in your life are worthy of your trust and belief, you know in your gut that their intentions are pure. Their history demonstrates their worthiness. You know that their agenda is in the interest of those they seek to serve or for whom they work.

Think about it. If someone has to tell you to trust him or believe him, whose insecurities is he trying to quell? Why does he feel the need to tell you to trust him repeatedly? Why does he need to continue to push for your belief?



Writer, Non-Profit Association Management, Leadership, Branding

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