White mediocrity has not gotten us anywhere but to ruins, so how then does Black mediocrity sound like a good idea?

The fractured global society in which we live, owes many of its fissures to inadequate, and malicious information processing of biological variation. We know a considerable amount about the ‘melanocyte’ (bearing a typically pretentious multisyllabic scientific name) a cell that produces melanin. …

Past Is Prologue

I don’t share a history of enslavement with Black Americans — but what we do share transcends oceans and generations

Colorful portrait photo of the author.
Photo courtesy of the author.

“Story, story, time, time.” The echoes of my childhood reverberate in my mind, reminding me of when I would sit with my African Giant of an aunt as she retold Urhobo folklore to wide-eyed Black children in 1990s Britain. It was different from what we were used to in our…

Cindy-Liz Ikie

PhD Bioscience Research Scholar and Black Human Rights Activist. CEO of Sensei-M: The Millennials Networking Atlas.

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