CineFi is democratizing film production and distribution by supporting independent film creators financially

CineFi is an ecosystem which contains distribution and demonstration channels that enable trust through blockchain technology. CineFi asset tokens enable access to CineFi, a platform that unites players in the film industry in an incentivized ecosystem to produce movies.

Pre-launch details

CineFi.Network is preparing for launch by acknowledging the ability of blockchain to create democratic communities. As founding members of the community, we believe in the power of decentralized financial systems and we strongly believe that decentralized financial systems can make impactful changes in the theatrical art industry.

This is a manifest of the independent film ecosystem and this manifest should also be considered as an invitation to any film and crypto enthusiast. CineFi is inviting you to take part in our exciting project as pioneer members.

We want to reward all of our passionate, loyal supporters that have been with us from the very beginning. The process is very simple. We are giving away locked tokens to pioneer community members and we will unlock those tokens as our pioneer members stay loyal to the community.

How and when will the CineFi launch happen?

We are currently working on partnerships and examining launchpad platforms to move forward towards private sale and pre-sale phases. We don’t want to give an exact time because we hate disappointing our supporters. However, considering our rapid pace at hiring, our hardworking and dedicated team members, we can confidently say that our pre-launch will happen in no more than 2 months.

Right now, we are expanding our community and if you’d like to be part of this decentralized film community, be sure to fill out the following form:

About CineFi

The film industry is centralized over major film studios today and the audience is very little involved in the community.

CineFi will create a decentralized ecosystem where movie creators will be able to self-fund their expenses and make profit out of their work. On the other side, audience members will be able to invest in creators’ work beforehand and will be able to share the profits that movies make after their launch. This way, a decentralized ecosystem where every community member from creators of any kind of a movie to the audience will benefit from the ecosystem and the ecosystem will no longer be dependent on central bodies.

Join Us

Creating a qualitative and quantitative community is the first step towards success in any blockchain solution. We are going to announce our official launch date through our social media accounts, therefore don’t hesitate to join us and follow the following channels:



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